Greek breakfast

Dear Customers Good Morning...

 Apart from a good and restful sleep, we care for your diet.

Our philosophy is to take you on a culinary trip starting with a delicious Greek breakfast.
In the warm and cordial space of our restaurant beyond the Standard Model breakfast that everyone expects to taste in a hotel we offer homemade flavors of forgotten traditional recipes, brought to you with careful preparation, with emphasis on the high quality of raw materials fresh from local producers.
Our dedication to the philosophy of Greek breakfast is certified by the Accreditation signal "Greek Breakfast" from the Chamber of Hotels.

Our aim is to highlight the Greek eating habits.
Many of the options provided in our Greek breakfast are a la carte and prepared  for you without extra cost, eg omelet with fresh mushrooms, traditional ntomatokagianas etc.

Among the items included in our daily breakfast are

• Homemade freshly baked sourdough bread, also a variety of diverse types of breads
• Traditional scones, biscuits, barley rusks.
• Fresh seasonal fruit, fruit salad, stewed fruit.
• Seasonal vegetables locally produced.
• Fresh squeezed orange juice for you personally.
• Milk, yogurt and cheese of local production.
• Homemade traditional sweets and jams
• Honey from our own beehives.
• Various meats
• Scrambled eggs with fresh vegetables (traditional Kayanas).
• Various pies, spinach pie, milk pie, vegetable pie
•Tarts such as apple, strawberry, cherry.
• Traditional hoecake with raisins or cheese.
• Pancakes, donuts and homemade wafer
• Variety of dried fruits and nuts.

Thus strengthening the local nature of the flavors BOUTIQUE HOTEL ANAGENNISIS tells visitors, "good morning".




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