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"Romance" Double Lux Room

Stimulates your romantic side. Discover inspiration incorporating colors that refer you to the flowers of the countryside, in a vintage decoration with feather bedding, soft lighting and everything necessary for a truly romantic retreat

"Vintage" Double Lux Room

A sweet sensation from the past . Souvenir of the old good times creates a magical setting to accommodate the most beautiful thoughts and your most sweet dreams.

"Baroque" Double Lux Room

The unique elegance will exalt you through the passions and emotions, enjoy the splendor , luster and luxury. Close your eyes and travel ! Maybe you 'll be able to " steal " something of the mystery and charm of that era .

"Harmony" Double Lux Room

Activate your positive energy! A harmonization of colors, furniture and objects in a space friendly to you, in an oasis of rest and warmth! Here rest, dream and live romantic moments .

"Elegance" Double Lux Room

Elegance, the synonym of beauty The simplicity of style of an elegant era, filled with vivid colors that crate a refined place of relaxation and warmth,

"Imperial" Double Lux Room

Traveling in imperial times that are long gone, but still retain their charm. Luxury and comfort in perfect harmony that highlight the ideals of nice and "fancy"

"Chateau" Junior Suite

Live your own fairytale and feel like a king for a while in the opulence of a great beautiful, classy, shelter made just for you!

"Belle Epoque" Superior Double

A panorama flooded by images of a beautiful era where hope blooms shines and excites you to the carelessness and prosperity of the golden period ..

"Soleil" Superior Double

In the dreamy realm of fantasy, the brightness of the sun and colors creates an enchanting atmosphere of high aesthetic and grandeur ...


Απόλαυσες τη διαμονή σου στο ξενοδοχείο μας; Κάνε μας τότε ένα Top Ξενοδοχείο στην πόλη Πύργος! Προτεινέ μας και σε άλλους!


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Anagennisis hotel
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